About Me

Born and raised an only child in Southern California, I spent my childhood wearing ballet shoes, wanting to be cooler than I was and filling journals with entries of birthday lists, friends and my annoyances with boys. 

My writing matured as I did and by high school, my journal entries held paragraphs detailing my desperate desire for a first kiss, an infatuation with an older boy and the inevitable teen vs. parent drama.

After writing almost daily for 10 years, a career in the field seemed the obvious choice, so I selected journalism as my major and began my deep dive into news reporting. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to realize newspaper reporting is nothing like journaling. And in fact, if I continued to chase news stories, I’d most likely end up unemployed, exhausted and emotionally drained. 

Needing a job, sleep and emotional stability, I took my skill set and switched to marketing where I spent the next six years promoting national companies on a local level. Along with, finding time to marry my college boyfriend and grow our family of two to a family of four.

And while my passion for news came and went, as did my career in marketing, I never lost my love of writing. It just happens, I’m better and happier writing fiction then I am at reporting the facts.